I’m finding cool, new ways to use this website!

I used to use the site as a behind-the-scenes look at my short films as a sort of logbook to recall how cool it was when I made those videos. However, I am absolutely not good at documenting my video making progress. Recently, I uploaded to YouTube a mockumentary that’s 16 minutes long and has lots of cool things to chat about, but that’s more for like if I have an audience who are interested – but I haven’t been working towards that in previous versions of the site.

Also, I’ve been making websites for other people and staying busy with a cold, some videos, and some photos. I didn’t set aside time for my own sites. I will now split up my sites so that this one with this ridiculous name is my personal site, and the other one with the ridiculous name, custommadename.com, is my business site. This ought to get the behind-the-scenes going for business reasons.

On this site, I need to find some plugins to keep things organized. Visit here again soon to see a hub of all my online presences.